If you are seeking to better align your grading and instructional practices to student learning, you are in the right place. We designed this website to provide learning opportunities for educators and to provide resources for future reference. Please return to this site often because we are constantly refreshing the content.

To access the menu for this website, click the hexagon with the three horizontal lines at the top of this page.

Updates to the Website:

April 7, 2015 – We’ve made some changes to Shifts C and D to streamline expectations for participants. We have also added a page describing schools that are participating in this work.

March 11,2015 – Greetings Fellow Learners! Thank you Poly and ALC teachers for your engagement and your feedback about the site. You are pioneers within LAUSD in wanting to learn about effective grading practices, and your practices will help your students be better prepared to graduate and be successful. We’ve made some significant edits/additions to the site:

  • In Shift A, we’ve added some additional references that connect to the historical origins of grading practices.
  • We’ve added steps to Shifts C and D–but remember that you have to progress through Shifts A and B and complete Step 7 of Shift B before accessing Shift C.
  • We’ve gotten into the habit of making sure we’re underlining all of the hyperlinked references.

As always, please send us feedback so we can continue to improve the site!


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. cheryl smith-vincent says:

    I need help retrieving my password and therefore I have been unable to complete the course. The coaches are Kenya Harper and Megan Markevich


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