Feedback for Learning

A past ASCD Educational Leadership magazine focused on the importance of feedback for student learning. This Feedback for Learning Infographic is a useful summary of those main points and has been added to Shift C Step 4. Remember that Mastery Learning is about more than just transforming grading–transforming instruction and feedback to students is critical for effectively implementing Mastery Learning as well.


2 thoughts on “Feedback for Learning

  1. Magda Flores says:

    The most important thing I learned here is that feedback is for learning. If educators do not use feedback for learning, than why give feedback. It is directly correlated with a growth mindset. We must hold our students accountable but at the same time create those safe opportunities for learning, discussing, creating; and yes, even to make mistakes, because if we don’t make mistakes, there won’t be feedback to help us get better.


  2. Juan Ortiz says:

    I would like to comment on 7 EL Takeaways. specifically on # 4. Students identify themselves with the grade they receive. I have noticed this in our ID class. I connect alternative curriculum with the Standards and review how students can reach IEP Goals. It is not always about what the student has to learn but what they are ready to learn. This is based on ability, will, and the opportunity to provided differentitiated structured lessons with accommodations. Students will see a letter grade and acquire personification that is attributed to what he or she thinks is attached to that grade.


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