Next Steps in Implementing Mastery Learning in LAUSD

As part of the effort in LAUSD to ensure that all students meet the A-G graduation requirements to be eligible for UC/CSU, district leadership is now proposing to engage more teachers and schools in professional development about Mastery Learning. This effort will likely begin this summer and into the next school year. We are excited to be spearheading this effort district-wide because we believe this approach has the potential to transform instruction and benefits teachers and students. Keep an eye on this website as we continue to revise the available resources, and continue to provide feedback on how we can improve the site for you all!


2 thoughts on “Next Steps in Implementing Mastery Learning in LAUSD

  1. Jorge Almada says:

    I was aware of alt .ways of evaluating students work and assessments, but I had no formal training.
    Looking forward to learn more.


  2. Magda Flores says:

    It is exciting to hear that our district is moving towards the direction of change to create better opportunities for our students to academically and socially grow. It is our public service and responsibility to our students and our community. We need transformation today to improve our tomorrow.


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