Engaging Principals in Mastery Learning

We are excited to share that we presented to over 100 elementary principals at the LAUSD Elementary Principals’ Summer Institute yesterday. The responses from elementary principals were very positive, with at least eight principals inquiring about learning more about these Shifts and bringing these Shifts to their teachers. We have also planned to share this work during the sessions on special education integration, since the need to align grades with learning can have a profound effect on improving instruction for special education students as well. We look forward to continuing to share these resources through the summer and into the Fall semester!


2 thoughts on “Engaging Principals in Mastery Learning

  1. Francisco Robles says:

    I am enthusiastic to be learning about shifting our teaching practices to standard base teaching and grading. Our society is changing and we need to change our practices to reflect our new standards and new techniques of our profession.The students are our future and we need to get them ready to attend college and universities and be academically ready to succeed in life.


  2. Magda Flores says:

    I am very enthusiastic to be part of LAUSD and its evolving way of changing education to improve the way we teach and help our students learn. It is important that we continue to help our students become critical thinkers. They are our future and we must provide all possible academic and social supports so they can demonstrate their talents.


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