Recent Article about Competency-Based Learning

Check out this article about schools implementing competency-based learning: Steps to Help Schools Transform to Competency-Based Learning. Many of the steps that they describe are the same as what this website seeks to take participants through. We are excited that many schools and districts are engaging in the same work!


One thought on “Recent Article about Competency-Based Learning

  1. Magda Flores says:

    It takes a lot of valor and effort to change the dynamics of a whole school district and that is exactly what Chugach School District in Alaska accomplished. Although it was not easy, the fruit of their work is now seen within all stakeholders. Most importantly, students are the ones that are benefitting to a reformed education. Putting the learner first at all times is our job. We must not forget that we are here for the students and to see them strive academically and socially.


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