Foster a Growth Mindset in Yourself and Students!

US News and World Report just posted an article entitled “Fostering a Growth Mindset Is Key to Teaching STEM” that highlights some recent research-based evidence that student AND teacher mindsets are critical to student achievement. This article reinforces the need for Mastery Learning participants to focus on Shift B for themselves as well as their students.


4 thoughts on “Foster a Growth Mindset in Yourself and Students!

  1. Magda Flores says:

    This demonstrates how essential and detrimental it is for educators to change the way we teach so we can create a growth mindset in all learners. We need to continue to challenge all students to meet their highest academic potential. Students will then and only then demonstrate their true talents that can change the world. We owe our students the best education and challenging them to always demonstrate their strengths. We must allow them to develop their STEM abilities and capabilities.


  2. Kenneth Aubrey says:

    I think that we need to encourage students to never shy away from what is difficult. It is learning; learning new things is difficult. Therefore, we must encourage the mindset to take on all new lessons as opportunities and not problems. And, the student can use strategies to help make the new learning less difficult. The only real problem is when I give up because, when I take on that attitude, that mindset can grow because I have given that thought life. As long as I do not give that negative thought life, it can not live in my mind where it becomes dangerous.


  3. vjn8067 says:

    I have believed that inspiring our students to challenge their understandings has provided the vision that all education can be learned through hard work. Howard Gardners’ research on Multiple Intelligences has given an insight for students to observe their strengths and weaknesses pursuing the education necessary for development of understanding complex concepts. I have utilized the Six Facets of Understanding,( Explanation, Interpretation, Perspective, Application, Empathy and Self-Knowledge), with my High School students in order for them to consider the purpose of every assignment and what insights were acquired following their academic rigor. Developing a growth mindset environment lead to positive accomplishments.


  4. Ms. Arias says:

    “Encouraging students to work their way through difficult math problems may actually help them change their mindset – and improve their outcomes. Struggling students’ grades improve when they hear that intelligence can grow with hard work…”
    “valuing hard work over innate “genius” might even spur students to tackle new challenges.”

    Shifting mindsets can cause a shift in learning both in the student and the teacher. Encouragement goes a long way and although not everyone exhibits their talents, we should motivate them so that they can believe their talents are useful and that their effort matters.


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