Mastery Learning and Grading: Building Capacity Across LAUSD

Here at LAUSD, from September to December of 2016, thirty instructional leaders engaged in five full days of workshops at Hilda Solis Learning Academy and devoted additional time to online learning in order to complete phase one of the Mastery Learning and Grading Facilitator Training.

This month, many of them will bring their knowledge back to their school sites by leading teachers through the Mastery Learning and Grading PD series. At Daniel Webster Middle School, Suzie Ahn, College and Career Coach, and AP Marla Mason will facilitate the series, helped by pioneering teachers who completed the training last year and are already implementing. AP Jane Berman, at Belvedere Middle School, will take interested teachers through the 18 hours of blended learning on Saturdays. Instructional Coach Tyson Evans and teacher Tamao Kawai have planned a differentiated workshop series to meet teachers’ varied needs at Augustus Hawkins High School. At Social Justice Leadership Academy on the Esteban Torres campus, Adriana Zuniga will lead teachers in this work. PD at Manual Arts High School will be facilitated by Instructional Coaches Thomas Roddy and Janee Reed Walker and by AP Marguerette Gladden. At Maya Angelou Community Senior High, Instructional Coach Malik Jefferson is facilitating PD.


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