Calibrating assessment expectations

1. Would you like to unpack an ELA Smarter Balance Performance Task to inform your assessment planning? (Good for ELA, history, science: writing)

If so, please use

the Unpacking a Task protocol

Additional resources are available on the website

2. Would you like templates to help you create writing tasks with common expectations? (Good for ELA, history, science: writing)

If so, please go to the Literacy Design Collaborative website:

Create a free account.
Go to “resources”.
Go to “Task Templates”.
Open “LDC Task Template Collection 3.0”.

The LDC website site provides easy-to-use templates to create writing tasks at different levels. Level 1 is the lowest cognitive demand level. Higher levels correspond with higher cognitive demands.

3. Would your teacher team or department like to calibrate the rigor level of assessments to develop common standards-based expectations on assessments? (Good for K-12 Close Reading, Math, Science, Writing, Oral Communication, Social Studies, Humanities, Fine Arts, Health, PE, World Languages, Career and Technical Education)

If so, you may use either Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Wheel or one of the subject specific Cognitive Rigor Matrices accessible and a
calibration protocol