Step 2 A: The Case Against the Zero

The Case Against the Zero

Read the above article.  Then, in the below comment section, answer the question:

What problems with traditional K-12 grading practices does this article raise?  

Please be sure to cite one phrase, sentence, or chunk of text as supporting evidence.

1,414 thoughts on “Step 2 A: The Case Against the Zero

  1. Caryn says:

    The main problem that is being addressed in this article is that on a 100 point scale for grading zero is being assigned greater value than it should have. Since most elementary schools in our district are on a 4 point scale the value of zero actually works for those teachers. I however agree with the notion that it is a far greater punishment in the eyes of the student to have to complete the missing work during free time. The zero really isn’t much of a consequence to them unless enough of them accumulate to threaten failure of an entire class overall or retention in the lower grades.


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