Shift B: Adopt a Mindset of Grading for Learning

In this shift, you will be provided with learning opportunities about how more recent research can inform our approaches to grading. You will learn about key findings about the development of experts and fixed and growth mindsets. How we grade students is ultimately a reflection on how we believe we learn. Do you believe that, given the right support, you can learn any skill?


20 thoughts on “Shift B: Adopt a Mindset of Grading for Learning

  1. Jed Laderman says:

    I do believe that I can learn just about any skill, given sufficient support. Some skills will take more support than others. I got varying degrees of support in high school and college, and that raises a key point: One of the skills that we must emphasize is how to seek support. It should be offered in high school, but in college (for which we are preparing students), it must be sought–and students must get into the mindset of doing this, as well as the mindset that they CAN achieve. That’s where we come in.


  2. Deborah Wiltz says:

    Without a doubt, given the appropriate supports (which has to include motivation), anyone can learn any skill!


  3. R says:

    Yes! This is definitely true. Anyone can learn anything to an adequate extent given the right support. It is just that some people need more or less support than others.


  4. I like how this question is phrased, “Do you believe that, given the right support, you can learn any skill?” Yes, absolutely, I believe that I can learn any skill given the right support and enough time. I notice that most of the respondents believe the same or similar. If the question is “Do you believe that, given the right support, can all students learn any skill?” what would the responses be in public and in private?


  5. Maricela Peralta says:

    O course, I believe we all can learn a new skill. I myself am always learning new skills. Just the other day I learned how to program my remote control. Growing up however, I did not have a growth mindset, especially in the area of Math. I think this perception of myself hindered me from trying harder and being successful in Math. I felt dumb. I had already made up my mind that I was never gonna do good in Math. As an adult, I am having to help my 7th grade son with his Math homework and I have found that I usually can figure out how to help him, even though it it quite challenging. I attribute this to the fact that I have a growth mindset. I wish I had had the skills on how to change my mindset when I was an elementary school student.


  6. David says:

    I believe that given the right tools and the right environment, I can master what I am good at and certainly improve or make sufficient progress towards mastering a skill that I may perceive as not being any good at or extremely challenging.


  7. Amy says:

    I believe that if the passion is there and the optimal learning environment is present then miracles can happen. The question simply asks, “can you learn the skill”, that does not mean master the skill. So I believe that you can learn the skill, how well you master the skill is a different question.


  8. Absolutely, especially if that person has an interest in what is being taught. It is more difficult to teach someone who has tuned out. I also think the difference between learning or not depends on the teacher.


  9. lucy17 says:

    I suppose so… If there is a will there is a way. Given the opportunity anyone can learn a new skill. You learn to adapt and mold your mind. If you desire to achieve your goal and you have self discipline than nothing can stop you.


  10. Beverly Junio says:

    I believe given the right situation, I and anybody can learn a new skill. For me, learning and mastering a new skill might need more time, examples, visuals, etc.


  11. Sandra says:

    If all things were set in place in the learning environment ( setting, lighting, noise control, color and so on) learning is possible and maybe even the opportunity to master the content. It would be a great idea to understand each child and there method of learning.


  12. Kenneth Aubrey says:

    I do believe that given the right situation I can learn any skill. The correct environment helps to promote learning. But, I do believe that it also begins in the mind. If my mindset is negative, I have set myself up for failure.


  13. vjn8067 says:

    I absolutely believe that I can learn any skill provided the optimal learning environment. I realize that a dedicated effort and an intrinsic spirit of self-discipline encourages the actualization of the desired skill.

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  14. Jean Lui says:

    I have many opportunities to learn, but it doesn’t mean I will master everything I’m exposed to… or even want to. My attitude and will are many times involved. Sometimes tests reveal that a person should not be able to do something, but yet people sometimes rise above their limitations. So, glad to know that in so many circumstances, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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