Step 1B: Reflection on Intelligence


Take a moment to reflect on your answer to the poll in the comment section below. Explain how you think about learning new things and the idea of intelligence. Then, read through a sampling of responses from your colleagues to get an idea of how others think about learning and intelligence.


1,042 thoughts on “Step 1B: Reflection on Intelligence

  1. Shane Riddle says:

    I think learning is a combination of natural ability and willingness to learn. For some it’s easier than others, but we all have great capacity. As a high school teacher, unfortunately I see students who are already feeling like failures because they’ve had failing grades for years. Without the basic drive to improve, it can be a challenge to get them motivated at all.


  2. Amparo Martin says:

    I feel that anyone is able to learn anything new including becoming intelligence. It comes from effort and perseverance. If we instill those basic values that are hard to acquire. Researchers are now looking for the genes that contribute to intelligence. In the past few years we have learned that many, perhaps thousands, of genes of small effect are involved.


  3. John says:

    There has been much research in recent years having to do with exercise and the brain. At one time, science thought that the number of brain cell we have was fixed and that the brain cannot really fix itself. I’m not sure that this is so strongly believed anymore and researchers have found that exercise can really stimulate the brain and result in better learning. There is a famous psychologist at Harvard name Dr. John Ratey who points out that there is a chemical in the brain called brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) that is released when we exercise. He says that BDNF is like Miracle Grow for the brain and that it helps us learn better.


  4. N Strickland says:

    We can learn new things – some of us just take longer. I think it was Gardner who said that it’s not an issue of if a person is intelligent, it’s a question of how they’re intelligent. We all have talents somewhere that may not show academically.


  5. Nicole Niederdeppe says:

    Of course we can learn new things and grow our intelligence. However, people are born with some capabilities in certain areas that are innate.


  6. Ellen Urciola says:

    I firmly believe in a growth mindset. We all take in information at different speeds and in different capacities (visual, verbal, and a combination of both). What sets us apart is our attitude in taking in that information. If, at the least little setback we become dejected and self-debasing we sabotage our self-confidence and in turn our mindset.


  7. Paytsar Sasunyan says:

    You can learn new things, absolutely, and learning new things builds new connections between neurons in your brain — your brain is betting stronger. The second half of the statement needs to be defined: what does “basic intelligence” mean?


  8. K. Navarrete says:

    Learning new things is dependent on our intelligence. With that said, we are not stagnant and can improve our intelligence through practice and exposure.


  9. Azniv Shahmelikian says:

    I strongly believe that we can learn new thing and through practice which involves fail and trying over and over always adding a new piece will lead us to success and expansion of our brain. After all it is a muscle.


  10. Melinda says:

    This survey question makes me think about learning to ride a bike at a young age. They say once you learn this task, you never forget how to do it. It would seem that once you learn it you know it, however there is a whole spectrum of skill to be achieved once after you learn to ride a bike. Granted if you never seek to become an avid biking athlete, your skill level will remain, however if you do seek to enhance your skill there is plenty to be learned! With this idea in mind, I truly believe that we continue to learn academically too!


  11. Silvia A. Almaguer says:

    There are people born with certain amount of absorbability for information. There are different types of learning modes. There are those that will settle with what they have and not strive for more and then there are those that will fight to reach higher aspirations in life. Knowing that knowledge and education are the key to success, You now encounter over-achievers.
    Because of a hunger to achieve and learn as well as others the mind perplexing material they need to know, they will work longer and persist till they reach the academic goal, thus greater intelligence.


  12. marilou Adra says:

    I agree that you can learn new things and that your brain has the capacity to do that. However, I disagree on the second statements because like say brain can expand.


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