Step 8 B: Required Before Moving to Shift C

In order to receive the password for Shift C, please complete the form below with a reflection on your learning from Shifts A and B. It usually takes 1-2 days for us to read the reflections and respond with feedback and the password. If you would like the password more quickly so that you can continue working, please email Chris Grounds ( or Melissa Guice (  Again, the reason we limit access to Shifts C and D is because we have found that it is important for participants to have a deep understanding of Shifts A and B in order to ground their classroom and grading practices. Oftentimes, people jump to Shifts C and D without giving enough thought to Shifts A and B, essentially forgetting the “why” of grading. All reflections will be confidential.

CAUTION:  We highly recommend writing your reflection in a word document and then cutting and pasting to the comment box below to submit because this site does not auto-save.  If you lose internet connectivity or switch out to check resources, you will lose your work.

Please see the rubric below for reflection expectations. If your reflection is “Incomplete” or “Approaching Proficient” you will be given an opportunity to revise and resubmit in order to receive the password for Shift C.




One thought on “Step 8 B: Required Before Moving to Shift C

  1. Chris Grounds says:

    Hello Ms. Hill,

    Melissa and I will send the password once we have had a chance to read and respond to your reflection. It usually takes us about one day. Thanks for completing Shifts A and B.


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